A List of All Time Greatest Disney Classics

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If music was the food of love, the Disney has given us a spectacular feast. The songs in Disney movies are one of the main reasons that people love these movies. Some of the best Disney movie soundtracks have been composed by the best musicians and sung by well-known performers. The best Disney classics are relaxing and entertaining to listen to. Here is a list of the all-time greatest Disney classics:

Be Our Guest - Beauty And The Beast


Lumiere flexes his French accent in this sound track to present Belle with a fine dinner. Any song that has the lyrics “if you are stressed, it is fine dining we suggest” and “a culinary carpet” deserves every bit of the acclaimed chucked its way. The spoons go into bowl of something yummy

Bear Necessities - The Jungle Book


The bear, Baloo teaches the wild child Mowgli how to enjoy the life on an even keel. The soundtrack was originally composed by Terry Gilkyson and given a spruce-up by Sherman Brothers. It has become an upbeat with an imminently hummable tune that will make you want to wrap up on a winter night and simply watch the stars as you sip hot chocolate

Heigh-Ho - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is in this list only once; all its other tracks are good, but they are not as amazing as “Heigh-Ho,” a song sung a hard day of work. This track, as much as anything else you can find in the first Golden Age of Disney Animation, it is impracticable to miss, referenced in movies in the future and Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room. It is more than the title repeated ad hominem-the rhythms shifting from dwarves’ work to commute home, thus becoming bouncier as it progresses. From the start, the message was very clear with the soundtracks in Disney movies: they make them memorable.

You Can Fly - Peter Pan


You can fly! You can fly! This beautiful song insisted, as your 6-year-old self launches off the couch while about your grandma’s apple pie or the cat’s whiskers before crashing to the floor with a dispiriting and rather painful thump.

I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song) - The Jungle Book


King Louie laments his lot as an orangutan and speaks out his desire to become human. Also known as “The Monkey Song”, the sound track blends Dixieland-style melody and aura of jazz to create a very interesting song. This is one of the The All Time Greatest Disney Classics. You’ve probably heard on Christopher Walken’s version of this particular track, as the formidable King Louie in the remake of the movie The Jungle Book. Although his King Louie was scary, there is no topping on the take of Louis Prima. “I Wan'na Be Like You” is jazzy is you would expect from an artist like Prima. The Sherman brothers capture the desire of the character to harness fire with the swingin’ attitude. When compared to the latest version, the original climax allows King Louie and Baloo duet-this combo happened in the 2016 film. Bill Murray and Christopher Walken duetting would have set the World Wide Web alight.

Under The Sea – The Little Mermaid


It wouldn’t be a list of All Time Greatest Disney songs without this catchy tune about life in the ocean. Sebastian the crab urges Ariel that going up onto the ground is not all it’s cracked up to be and that the sea is where she should stay. The famous Calypso hit was recorded in 1988 by the outstanding Alan Menken and Lyrics were written by Howard Ashman. You can also find this nostalgic song in the RPG Video Game Kingdom Hearts as the background music for the Atlantica World.


The Circle Of Life – The Lion King


Admit it, you have more than likely shouted the opening lyrics and even likelier, you had no idea what they said so shouted something random. This opening track set the stage for 1994 hit movie, the Lion King. The scene where all the animals of the Pride Lands travel to see the new prince, Simba. It is a fantastic piece composed by the legendary Elton John with lyrics provided by the sensational Tim Rice. Amazing fact, Tim Rice gave the lyrics to Elton at 2:00 in the afternoon and by 3:30 Elton had already written the composure and recorded a demo!


This Is Halloween – The Night Before Christmas


A truly chilling song that is ideal for every Halloween party, or just when you are feeling devious. Not everyone knows that 1993s Nightmare Before Christmas, directed by Tim Burton is a Disney movie with its spooky setting and its horrifying cast of characters, yet it still has that Disney musical spirit with its catchy songs that will have you them humming days. This Is Halloween is no exception. The terrifying residents of Halloween Town perform this petrifying song until Jack Skellington makes his appearance. Written and produced the wonderfully talented Danny Elfman.


I'll Make A Man Out Of You – Mulan


Lets get down to business and talk about this uplifting track from a film about gender equality. This song is fantastic for fitness and work out fanatics as it encourages you to be the best you can be. Set in China based on the Chinese legend Hua Mulan, Mulan is about a woman who wants to fight against the invading Hun army. The only way Mulan could enter the Chinese army was to disguise herself as a man hidden within the motley crew of outcasts. How do you inspire such a useless lot? With the most empowering song in the whole of Disney! Sung by none other than Donny Osmond, what more can we say other than this song will be played if we ever need to train soldiers!



A Whole New World – Aladdin


You knew this would be here. The classic tale of Aladdin, the street rat to rich prince of erm, well we aren’t sure. But what we do know for certain is that this duet between Brad Kane and Lea Salonga will go down in history. Taking flight and holding onto a magic carpet would be hard work but somehow Prince Ali Fabulous he Ali Ababwa! (Sorry couldn’t resist) and Princess Jasmin both sing beautifully together as they do loops causing chaos around the world.


You’ll Be In My Heart – Tarzan


Performed by English drummer of Genesis, Phil Collins, this beautiful song is not a romantic song, but a song about the unbreakable bond between a loving parent and their child. Even if that parent is a 160 kilogram gorilla and the child is a tiny baby lost in the jungle, Phil Collins performs it perfectly. A definite must for every parents playlist for their children.



Hakuna Matata – The Lion King


Possibly the best song to turn your bad day to a great day. To Turn that frown upside down. After losing his father, Simba runs away from home, blaming himself for the death of his father Simba runs into the unlikely team of a Meerkat and Warthog, Timon And Pumba. The dynamic duo teaches Simba to leave the past behind him and to enjoy the rest of his days to this catchy tune. I guess you could it was the 90s version of YOLO, just much much better.



You’re Welcome – Moana


Do you smell what the Rock is cookin’? No one did when he pelted out this amazing track. Dwayne Johnson belted out this track as the trapped, arrogant, Hawaiian Demigod Maui where he tells his story before trapping Moana in a cave. Who would’ve thought this wrestler turned actor could have such an impressive voice. Not only a catchy song, it documents Maui’s triumphs according to the Hawaiian religion. Is there any better way to learn a new culture?



You’ve Got A Friend In Me – Toy Story


This playful song starts as Andy is playing with his toy pal Woody. Wrangling up cattle, steering a R/C Car into a cardboard building, sliding him down the stair banister face first and launching him from the footrest of his parent’s chair. Sung by Randy Newman, it sets the movie off on the right track, though we do feel a little bit sorry for Woody, how ever did he not flinch?



Let It Go - Frozen


You knew it would be here, don’t act surprised. It’s why it is the last in the list. The audience couldn’t get enough of it when it was first released and you could not escape the merchandise. After being condemned as an outcast for witchcraft, Princess Elsa runs into the frozen wilderness to make herself a new life away from the condemning villagers. Another song about letting go of your worries and not letting other people bring you down sung wonderfully by Idina Menzel. A perfect hot song for shaping ice into a fantasy castle.