The Playlist Register Is In Beta!

We’ve been working tirelessly since January to add new and exciting features to the playlist register to make it a portal for all of your playlist needs.

One of the main additions to the site is the addition of Apple Music Playlists. It can be hard at times to find the perfect Apple Music Playlist whether it be for a party of for just to try and chill out. Apple playlist can be seen here:

You can now search by genre! We are continually improving our recommendation system and are looking to include Moods, Weather and many more in the very near feature.

We have had a huge redesign of the playlist page! Before stuff was all over the place, now we have a slick interface with built in recommendation system underneath. If you’re listening to say an acoustic playlist, many more will automatically load underneath so you can keep browsing. Life is not one playlist!

We are currently working on functionality to make it extremely easy to see what store each playlists work on. At the moment on the playlist page you can view by store, however when viewing from all  stores you cannot. We will be implementing the new feature which will show on each playlist what store it is for.

Please stay tuned for more exciting updates as there are many more!