Top Tracks For Chilled Gaming

We all have off days. Bad day at work, spouse is in an argumentative mood, you spilled nacho cheese over your new carpet. Now you just want to turn on your console or PC and chill out to some games. Well, we have the playlist for you. Here are our Top Tracks For Chilled Gaming!



Glowworm – Periphescence


To start us off, Glowworms amazingly zen track Periphescence is the ideal choice. With its calming aura it gives off, it will have you calm in no time. The slow guitars, the peaceful chimes and the soothing piano to lead up to a climactic finale, this track is the perfect start up to anyone’s chill out playlist. A truly beautiful track from start to finish.


General Fuzz – Comfort Zone


Still feeling a bit stressed? This track will put you at ease. As the name suggests, it is a very comforting song with its beautiful piano. It kind of gave us a space vibe so perfect for Elite Dangerous and many games alike it. This song will put you right in to your comfort zone


The Album Leaf – Twentytwofourteen


We do not know what the track title means however we do know that this soothing track had us in the zone. It takes you to your perfect state and continues to keep you there with its wind like background and its calming yet speedy drum beat.


Daniel Avery – Water Jump


This song gave us a sort of temple vibe with its female vocal chant, then brings in a more electronic aura. We could imagine this being in a Legend Of Zelda dungeon if It were based in a more futuristic setting.


Lights & Motion – Northern Lights


Nothing says chilled out like the great Arctic and this is exactly what we felt when we heard this track. It brings in a sense of a freezing breeze on a snowy white landscape. It ran a chill through us while leaving us calm and focused. Our shortest on the list but no less impactful.


The Mercury Program - You Give Me Problems About My Business


Though the title sounds like it would be a more punk rock track sung by The Sex Pistols than a calming one, this track hits calms nail right on the head. Its rhythmic bass in the background blends perfectly with the other instruments. Perfect for those with more need for groove in their calming tracks.


Aphex Twin – Tha


The track starts with some slightly echoed sounding bongos and somewhat speedy electronic bass to lead up to a rather charming calming melody that will leave you deep in thought. The vocals in the background are just people talking with an echo but it leaves a rather lasting impression. Great for any puzzles with a time limit.


Joy Wants Eternity – From Embrace To Embrace


A beautiful track with a slow guitar rhythm, this sounds like a remastered romantic ending to a 16-bit game era or possibly an underwater adventure. Perfect for a game like Subnautica.


Lower Spectrum – Khlever


A soothing track with a distorted reality feel to it. Guitar that fades in and out, electronic instruments and some unintelligible vocals that will leave you questioning your next moves. Perfect for any problem-solving games where you have time to think out your strategy.


Com Truise – Open


For those into 80s style Vaporwave, this is perfect for you. From its synthesized instruments to its retro sounding drums, this track sounds like it was ripped straight out of a cheesy 80s sci-fi movie. Despite it sounding like it was created in an era from generations ago, it gives off a futuristic robotic vibe.


Giraffage - Feels


Back from the 80s to a more present day sounding track. With pitched down vocals and relaxing beat this track brings you to a wonderful state of mind. A truly absorbing track that will chill out any gaming session.


Lusine – Jetstream


The majority of these tracks have been mostly instrumental. This one however features vocals more. A rather beautiful track with its shuffled voice and sounds that give off a glistening feeling. Great for cave dwelling adventures like Spelunky! Really gives it that sense of exploration and discovery.


That is just 12 of the songs you will find in our Epic Gaming Soundscapes playlist, perfect for calming down with a video game. If you like the sound of this playlist it can be found here: